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The Latino American Commission was created in 1972 to serve as a voice in the Nebraska State Government for the Latino population of Nebraska and to serve the Latino population of Nebraska. We continue to provide this service today and into the future.

Please joins us in congratulating the Latino/a candidates who engaged in the civic process and were voted to office: Tony Vargas will be the first Latino since Ray Aguilar elected to the Nebraska Legislature and he is the first Latino representative from South Omaha; Roger Garcia for Metropolitan Community College for Board of Governors, Dr. Larry Bradley for Papio Missouri River Natural Resources District Board of Directors, Linda A. Guzman-Gonzales for Western Community College Board of Governors, Amanda Ryan for Omaha Public Schools Board, Tony Gomez re-elected for Dakota County Commissioner and Mynor Hernandez for Schuyler Community Public Schools. In addition, we join our friends at the Indian Affairs Commission in welcoming Tom Brewer, the first Native American, elected to the Nebraska Legislature. This is a victory for all of Nebraska and we look forward to working with them.

Please inform us if we have overlooked a Latino/a who has been elected, we apologize for the omission, and want to be made aware of the error.

We also congratulate and thank the Latinos/as who ran for office but not receive the majority votes needed to fill the office. Civic engagement is a wonderful aspect of the American society and we encourage you to try again.  Our community needs you for inspiration. As we tell our children, if you did not succeed the first time, try again.

The Commission would like to thank the many volunteers and community organizations who registered voters, educated voters on the election process and helped these voters on Nov. 8th. There was a record number of Latino engagement for this election cycle and it could not have been accomplished without the community coming together to help each other.  

The Presidential Election is the greatest example of democracy, and regardless of the outcome, everyone should be proud for participating in it and exercising the right to vote. Just keep in mind that those who are fighting for your rights have done so before the election and will continue afterward. You are not alone.  As events unfold we will keep a watchful eye on potential threats and unjust treatment to the Latino Community.

President Obama will remain in office until January 2017, we will have a better understanding of the future by then. In the meantime, we are here to serve you, if you would like to contact us for information, to share your concerns, or just to talk; you are welcome to do so. We will take these concerns and discussions to the legislature, just as we have since 1972.

In addition, there are many organizations, groups, and community leaders around the state who are here to help you as well. Organizations such as Centro Hispano in Columbus, Unity in Action in South Sioux City, Hastings Multicultural Association, and the many in Omaha: Heartland Workers Center, Latino Center of the Midlands, Maya Ixim, MYLPA and the statewide organizations such as the NAACP, ACLU, Justice for our Neighbors, and Nebraska Appleseed, to name but a few who are here for you. Remember, you are not alone.

Not to mention the countless students organizations at every single college and school campus in Nebraska: Latino Leaders at Omaha Public Schools, Mexican American Student Association at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Creighton University’s Latino Student Association, Hispanic Student Association at the University of Nebraska-Kearney, and this list does include the Latino sororities, fraternities and cultural organizations at each college campus, and the many educators, professors, social workers, community liaisons and counselors who work at these institutions whose purpose is to be there for you. If you have never spoken to them now, but would like to, they are all already ready with open arms.

If you have a concern, any concern, you are welcome to share it with us and with these community organizations.

Remember, above all, you are not alone.

Dr. Lazaro Spindola
Executive Director – Latino American Commission


The State of Nebraska Governor's Office has released a list of current and upcoming openings on Boards and Commissions that are appointed by the Governor.

If interested, please complete the online application prior to the end of the month of their deadlines. Upcoming Deadlines:

December 2016
  1. Early Childhood Education Endowment
  2. Educational, Health and Social Services Finance Authority
  3. Elementary & Secondary School Finance Authority
  4. Board of Emergency Medical Services
  5. Enhanced Wireless 911 Advisory Board
  6. Nebraska State Fair Board
  7. State Historical Society Board
  8. Invasive Species Council
  9. Nebraska Investment Council
  10. Governor's Council to Keep Nebraska Beautiful

For a printer-friendly copy, click here. To apply for a Board position, click here.

For a description of each State Board and Commission, including membership terms and meetings, click here.

For a list of Board positions that are open due to resignations or unfilled positions, click here.

If you have questions about requirements for any of the Boards or Commissions listed please contact Kathleen Dolezal at 402-471-1971 or email:

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