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A memo sent from the U.S. Dept. of Education and the U.S. Dept. of Justice would like to remind the public and school employees that school districts cannot inquire on a student or parents' immigration or citizenship status as a means of establishing a students' residency in the district.

As stated in the government document (Espanol): A school district may ask for proof of residency to establish that you and your child live within the district, but they cannot ask for your child's citizenship or immigration status to establish residency. Información sobre los derechos de todos los niños a matricularse en la escuela

What Can I Use To Establish Residency? 
Parents can use lease agreements, phone or water bills, state ID or driver's license, affidavits, or other documents to establish residency; just not immigration or citizenship status.

Social Security Numbers? 
Regarding Social Security Numbers, schools districts may request social security numbers but they must inform parents that providing a social security number is VOLUNTARY and refusing to provide a number will not bar the child from becoming a student at the school. Parents also must be informed what purpose the social security number will be used for if the parent shares the information.
Federal Protection - Fact Sheet  
Under Federal law, State and local educational agencies (hereinafter "districts") are required to provide all children with equal access to public education at the elementary and secondary level. Recently, we have become aware of student enrollment practices that may chill or discourage the participation, or lead to the exclusion, of students based on their or their parents' or guardians' actual or perceived citizenship or immigration status. These practices contravene Federal law. Both the United States Department of Justice and the United States Department of Education (Departments) write to remind you of the Federal obligation to provide equal educational opportunities to all children residing within your district and to offer our assistance in ensuring that you comply with the law. 

If you believe that a school district is violating Federal law, you may contact the following government agencies:

1. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, Educational Opportunities Section
Telephone: (877) 292-3804 (toll-free) Fax: (202) 514-8337 Email:

2. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights
Telephone: (800) 421-3481 (toll-free) or Email:

3. If you wish to fill out a complaint form online with the Department of Education, you may do so at:

4. Department of Education, Office of the General Counsel
Telephone: (202) 401-6000 Fax: (202) 205-2689


The State of Nebraska Governor's Office has released a list of current and upcoming openings on Boards and Commissions that are appointed by the Governor.

The Latino American Commission is also accepting applications for Commissioner. The responsibilities of a Commissioner includes attending our Quarterly Meetings, participating in general discussions and meeting with state legislators concerning legislation affecting Latinos. Our meetings take place in different cities throughout the year. Commissioners are reimbursed for travel expenses and overnight lodging. Applicant qualifications include being a good civic citizen/steward with an awareness of local issues, and have a strong desire to get involved with issues concerning Latinos within the state of Nebraska.

Commissioner duties include providing direction and evaluation concerning policies affecting the Latino population in the following areas: existing programs, proposed legislation, educational needs and impact of new immigration meetings.

Commissioners are appointed by the state Governor for a period of three years.

If interested, please complete the online application prior to the end of the month of their deadlines:

July 2014:
Child Abuse Prevention Fund Board
Developmental Disabilities Advisory Committee
Advisory Committee on Public Water Supply
Technical Advisory Committee on Statewide Assessment
Sesquicentennial Commission

August 2014:
Brand Committee
Commission for the Protection of Children
Board of Health
Personnel Board
Potato Development Committee

September 2014:
Nebraska Arts Council
Early Childhood Interagency Coordinating Council
Economic Forecasting Advisory Board
Electrical Board
Equal Opportunity Commission
GIS Geographic Information System Council
Commission on Indian Affairs
Board of Landscape Architects
Natural Gas Fuel Board
State Board of Public Accountancy
SERC - State Emergency Response Commission
Suggestion Award Board

If you have questions about requirements for any of the Boards or Commissions listed please contact Kathleen Dolezal at 402-471-1971 or email:

NET special segment on Dia de los Muertos

NET Television presents a special segment of "Nebraska Stories" on Dia de los Muertos celebrated in Nebraska. Dia de los Muertos is, above all, a celebration of life. Come with us to the Sheldon Museum of Art and the Bancroft Gallery in South Omaha as we look death in the eye with humor, music, dancing—and art.

NLAC collaborated with NET to help bring the special segment to the public, "Nebraska Stories" available in its entirety below:

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